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Save Soil Campaign- Bringing Humanity Closer To Mother Earth

Save soil campaign is a global movement launched by Sadhguru, to address the alarming soil crisis by bringing people together from around the world so that they can stand together for looking after the proper health of the soil.
Moreover, under-saving the soil campaign, Sadhguru aims to gain support from leaders of all the nations to lay the foundation of the national policies and actions toward increasing the organic content in the soil that is cultivable.

Sadhguru Holding the Poster of Save Soil Campaign

Let’s take a look at a few vital and alarming statistics-

a) 52% of the agricultural soil is already degraded.

b) However, 90% of the soil could become degraded by 2050.

c) That’s why it is important to bring 3-6% of the organic content back to the soil.

Now keeping these statistics in mind, let’s understand the overall aim of the save the soil campaign and how it will help our planet earth.

Sadhguru checking the quality of soil

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The Mission of the Save Soil Campaign

Supporters of the save soil campaign

As already mentioned above, Save Soil Campaign is a global movement that aims to instill and invoke a sense of consciousness in people about soil and planet Earth in all. Moreover, one of the main objectives of the campaign is to showcase to the governments across the world that the citizens want their policies to revitalize ecology and soil.
Isha Outreach will partner with the Save Soil Movement to carefully monitor, and facilitate, its execution in India. To add to this, thousands of celebrities and popular personalities including, politicians, policy experts, scientists, etc are coming together with the common and ultimate goal to restore soil health, and rekindle our strong relationship with Mother Earth.

The Journey So Far

Well, the Save Soil campaign aims to garner support from around 3.5 billion people, and for this reason, Sadhguru will be traveling for over 30,000 kilometers across 24 different nations on a lone motorcycle.

The journey will kickstart in London, and it will end in the Cauvery basin in Southern India, where the Cauvery Calling Project, started by Sadhguru himself, has enabled around 1,25,000 farmers to plant 62 million trees to revive the soil, and also replenish the depleting waters of river Cauvery.

The Approach Adopted by Isha Outreach

kids holding small saplings in hand

Under the Save Soil campaign, Isha Outreach is planning to encourage people to participate in the movement in large numbers, so that they can draw the attention of the world to the current situation and why it is a matter of concern. Therefore, this will encourage the governments and the leading policymakers to adopt policies and allocate a budget for better implementation of ecological solutions.

Collaboration With UNCCD

Sadhguru with the members of UNCCD

The foundation stone for UNCCD was laid down in 1994, and it is known as the United National Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). It is an organization that is responsible for legally binding all the international agreements thereby linking environment and development to sustainable land management. UNCCD is a key partner who is associated with the Save Soil Campaign movement. The organization is playing an important role by collaborating on a range of different aspects including, scientific knowledge, communication, and outreach.

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Final Words

Save Soil Campaign is an initiative to bring people together from across the world so that they can save their environment and Mother Earth. The campaign is primarily focused on soil rejuvenation, and crop productivity so that people can live in a sustainably healthy environment.

Till now, the movement has gained massive support and popularity from the people in India, and across the world, and there has been a massive increase in the average yield by 15-25% across crops, better and improved soil health, and better implementation of sustainable farm technologies.

PiggyRide feels very proud to let everyone know that we have joined the Save Soil Campaign and will be doing our bit in contributing toward a green and sustainable Earth.
Therefore, let’s get ready to save our planet Earth before it is too late!

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Shailendra Bisht
Shailendra Bisht

It’s a great campaign. We all should promote this and motivate others to be a part of it.


This campaign is very close to my heart and I request everyone to be a part of it by spreading awareness about the same.

Shivani Tripathi
Shivani Tripathi

Such a well informative blog on a very important campaign.