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A Complete Guide To SAT Exam Syllabus & Tips In 8 Minutes [2022]

Are you a high school junior or senior considering studying abroad and unsure which exam to take? Learn about the complete SAT exam syllabus, which will answer your exam-related queries in this article. 

SAT exam

What Is the SAT Exam?

SAT is known as the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). It is one of the entrance requirements for universities and colleges in the United States and Canada. Students from all over the world take the SAT exam to assess their academic skills and performance. Also, are you planning to take the SAT but are confused about the SAT exam syllabus? We have got you covered. 

What Is The Format Of SAT Exam?

The SAT exam is for 3 hours and 50 minutes. It’s a long exam that consists: of reading, Math, SAT essays, Writing, and Language. The score ranges from 400-to 1600, which is not a challenging number to hit. Thus, to get into one of the most premium universities, scoring somewhere between 1400-1600 is considered good SAT scores.

Overview Of The SAT Exam Syllabus Format

SAT exam syllabus

1) English 

The English SAT exam is a 100 minutes exam.

a) Reading 

You have to complete 52 questions in 65 minutes. 

b) Writing & language

You have to complete 44 questions in 35 minutes. 

2) Math

 Math SAT exam is an 80 minutes exam.

a) Math with calculator 

You have to complete 52 questions in 65 minutes. 

b) Math without a calculator

You have to complete 20 questions in 25 minutes. 

3) Essay ( Optional )

It includes 1 task which you need to complete in 50 minutes. 

NOTE – Some universities and colleges require students to submit an essay and choose students based on it, while others do not.

To help you learn more effectively, we’ve curated a brief about each SAT exam syllabus.

1) Reading 

SAT reading

Therefore, being able to read and comprehend simple to complicated language is one of the most crucial factors, the SAT reading test evaluates an individual’s reading comprehension skills. As a result, reading provides you with wisdom and intelligence.

There will be a total of 5 passages for you to read.

a) It will incorporate a passage from classic and contemporary American or international literature.

b) A document or speech regarding the US Constitution and founding.

c) A range of economics, psychology, sociology, and other topics.

d) Two passages from Earth science, biology, physics, or chemistry.

e) A few questions in the form of graphs or charts to assess your geographic knowledge.

NOTE – Following each paragraph, there are 10-12 multiple-choice questions with four options for the students. 

2) Writing & Language

SAT writing and language

Understanding the tone, meaning, and interpreting the context is crucial. You must provide comprehensive responses to what you grasped. It should be free from grammatical errors. Hence, this SAT exam section is to check your sentence structure and language style. 

a) You will have two or four passages to read, interpret, and respond to.

b) You must look for mistakes in the paragraphs and correct them.

c) The readings might come from a variety of subjects, including science, history, social studies, and the humanities.

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3) Math 

SAT math

The SAT Math exam is split up into two sections: a calculator-based math test and a calculator-free math test. Mathematical equations are for students who desire to work in the fields of math, physics, engineering, or architecture. In conclusion, this test assesses a student’s problem-solving skills.

a) Heart Of Algebra

Linear equations with rational coefficients, systems of linear equations (with no solution, finite or infinite solutions), linear inequalities in two variables and their systems, and graphical representation of linear function should all be familiar to you.

b) Data Analysis & Problem-Solving

You should be proficient with percentage, unit conversion, ratio, and proportion. Get well-versed with the equation of a line, conditional frequencies, conditional probabilities, and the connection of variables. Therefore, also understand about the mean median mode, the standard deviation in statistics, and data analysis from reports to understand about SAT exam syllabus.

c) Advanced SAT Math

Prepare yourself with quadratic equations with rational coefficients, subtraction, addition, and multiplication of polynomial equations. Get well-versed with the isolation of a variable by rearrangement of a formula or equation. In addition, learn about the division of polynomial equations, polynomial factors, and function notation.

d) Lastly, it includes topics such as trigonometry, geometry, area, and volume. 

NOTE – Most of the questions will be MCQ, while only a few will be geometric questions.

4) SAT Essay 

SAT essay

In certain universities, the SAT essay is optional in the SAT exam syllabus. Hence, it examines a student’s reading skills, comprehension abilities, and overall ability to communicate, write, and comprehend.

a) Essentially, in an SAT essay, you must write what you comprehended from the author’s point of view in the paragraph.

b) Most topics are related to general knowledge, but it’s not fixed.

b) You must read the question, analyze it, and write an answer.

Tips For SAT Exam Preparation

SAT exam preparation

1) Create a Proper Study Schedule

Learn about the exam details, and once you have the dates, you should create a strict study schedule for the SAT exam preparation. Furthermore, simply taking mock exams is insufficient to prepare for the exam. Also, learn about your strengths and shortcomings and work on them properly. Spend extra attention on the areas where you’re lacking. Lastly, devote three hours every day to SAT exam preparation.

2) Check Out For The Quality Resources

There is a massive list of resources available online and offline for preparing for SAT exam syllabus. Make sure to learn and download resources from a reputable website because major of the practice papers available online are not valuable. As a result, you can get the best resources for your SAT prep from the College Board website. You get many study guides, mock tests, and practice tests. 

3) Get Enrolled In SAT Classes

One of the best things you can give yourself is the online SAT classes. Moreover, online classes are more cost-effective than offline classes. Also, they save travel time. You can equip yourself with 1:1 classes where you will get proper guidance, tips, secret materials, and to-the-point study materials. 

4) Work On Your Reading Skills

Increasing your reading skills is an important aspect of SAT exam preparation. Reading is the major part of the SAT score.  Therefore, the majority of the exam time is lost on reading since students read the material several times to analyze and mark the correct answer to the MCQ. If you’re a slow reader, practice reading passages and answering questions. This will assist you in completing your exam more quickly. Furthermore, an efficient reader thinks more quickly and critically. Such as, to avoid wasting time, make chunk notes or points while reading the passage.

5) Practice Math Thoroughly

To solve the questions effectively, the first arm yourself with trigonometry and geometrical formulas. As a result, to help you save time on the exam, practice mental computations. Every day, you should practice answering questions by doing MCQs. Make a list of the areas in math where you need to improve and work on them. You can also perform well in SAT math by practicing daily and working and focusing on the weaker areas. Thus, practice consistently according to the SAT exam syllabus.

6) Take Full Practice Test Sessions

We recommend that you take at least two full practice tests at the start and end of your preparation. This will give you a sense of how the SAT is presented realistically and will help you feel more at ease. There is a difference between taking a mock test and taking a full-length practice test. It will give you a fair idea of how long the test will take and where you are slow. This test will provide you with an overview of the SAT exam.

7) Aware Yourself With Each Exam Segment

You should become familiar with each SAT exam syllabus and its segment, the number of questions, the time allotted for each question, the order in which the sections are presented, and the instructions.

8) Get Creative For The SAT Exam Syllabus Preparation

For a decent SAT score, studying from restricted resources and taking practice tests are inadequate. As a result, make sure you give it your all in your studies by getting some reading resources in addition to exam papers and books. You can read various editorials and articles, analyze them, and improve your humanities, science, psychology, and sociology understanding. Therefore, read as much as you can to build an aura of knowledge around you to get a 1500+ SAT score. Make sure to complete your SAT exam syllabus early to practice for mock tests. 

Why SAT Exam Over Any Other Exam?

SAT exam

1) Preparing for the SAT exam syllabus can help you improve your English reading, writing, and language skills. Therefore, during the preparation, you will see several mistakes that you may have overlooked in your school time. 

2) You can get into one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. SAT scores are accepted by over 800 renowned universities throughout the world. So, if you’ve always wanted to study abroad, completing your SAT exam syllabus is the perfect way to begin your college studies.

3) Preparing for the SAT exam syllabus will help you improve your problem-solving skills and broaden your math knowledge.

4) Moreover, some colleges also offer scholarships for students who have scored well on SAT. It can help you save money on coaching schools. If you achieve a score of 1300 or higher on the SAT exam. You will be eligible for a scholarship from a prestigious university abroad.

5) Moreover, If we compare it to other entrance exams, the Fee for SAT is significantly lower. So, completing your SAT exam syllabus will is a good option for you.

6) If you earn your undergraduate degree from a top university in USA or Canada, your future is secure. You can easily continue your post-graduation. 

7) In addition to international universities, the SAT exam has now been recognized for entrance to more than 20 Indian colleges.

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We’ve put up a comprehensive overview of the SAT exam syllabus and its advantages. It’s a road map to make your preparations easier and less complex. Make sure you keep track of your time and don’t waste it on certain sections. Therefore, work on your weak areas by understanding, analyzing, and working on them.

Dedicate proper hours to read stuff from various resources. Get yourself reading resources to help you with comprehension and writing. To improve yourself, read a lot of articles, books, and editorials. You will be able to perform better in your exam by putting in consistent efforts. Thus, do check out the SAT exam syllabus before starting to study for the exam to get a clear overview.

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