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5 Amazing Tips To Build Confidence In Your Kid

Confidence – a key to success and an approach to a successful life. Being confident is one of the greatest traits of an individual which helps to enhance self-esteem. Kids who grow up confident are happier and tend to achieve their goals in life with ease.

Kids who are confident try doing things and exploring activities because they are not scared of failing. Are you anxious to build confidence in your kid?

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 As parents loving kids and providing them with facilities to live a proper life is the responsibility but apart from it, it is a sheer necessity to inculcate the confidence in them which will raise them into successful individuals. Small steps towards making your children confident can-do wonders and ignoring them can turn out to be a bad experience.

So, is it too difficult to nourish your child with confidence?

No, Not at all! It is easy to do with the dedicated and collective efforts of parents which helps in overall upbringing and raising a confident kid.

Spilling some beans right away to build confidence in your kid – Read it out.

1. Appreciate Efforts

Appreciate, Appreciate & Appreciate!

Appreciation is one of the best things that makes anyone happy and gives the potential to give the best. Remember? How an appreciation email from the boss makes you confident to helps you to put more effort. The same happens with kids, the more we appreciate them more confidence-building is enhanced.

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2. Encourage Their Choices

It is not necessary if you are an artist or a gamer and your child needs to have an interest in it too. They might be interested in music or coding etc. You need to give them full support and encouragement so that they can do well in it with confidence. I once came across a parent who is a mathematics professor, his daughter was average with maths and his exact words were – You are a daughter a genius mathematic individual- How can you be average? Really! This is how you lower their self-esteem and make them lose confidence.

3. Let Them Do Things Themselves

Let them solve their small problems or issues themselves -let them resolve small fights with siblings themselves, let them organize things themselves- Taking responsibilities makes kids confident and mature. Treat children-like children and teenagers like teenagers, no vice versa is healthy to act. Boost their confidence in each phase of growth in a better way.

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4. Encourage Curiosity

My daughter is 4 years old and I can completely relate to this curiosity encouragement. Sometimes she asks endless questions mostly before sleeping or during walks. A few days back she has concerns about at what age she can become a doctor – Asked reason she clarified she wanted to put a painful injection to coronavirus. (Kind of making it dead anyway). This curiosity level has gone up since this pandemic season as we keeping on talking about when and how this to end.

so, reply to their questions, they are seeking answers not ignorance!

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5. Making Them Try New Things

New things, new challenges, and new learning opportunities open the horizon for confidence. Trying and succeeding gives confidence and a sense of pride in children. one thing to be noted here, is to give them things that help them to groom themselves and not just because your friend’s kid does it well. No comparisons and no pressurizing at any cost is acceptable.


There are plenty of other ways to boost confidence in kids, like applauding their efforts, celebrate their success, never criticizing them in front of others, accepting their flaws, and helping them to overcome it. Kids can come a long way and become the best version of themselves all they need is attention, time, and good parenting efforts.

Do let us know what you are trying to do to build the confidence of your kid and share your positive stories with us. We are Listening!

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