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Must-Read Vikram Seth Books For Kids

When it comes to kid-friendly Indian authors, another name that tops our list is Vikram Seth. Vikram Seth has done some commendable work in the field of literature and has received numerous awards and accolades for the same. From the Golden Gate to A Suitable Boy, and An Equal Music, Vikram Seth has authored some of the best books for kids. When it comes to the must-read Vikram Seth books for kids the list is endless.

Vikram Seth holding his book

He has also translated several volumes of Chinese poetry and has written travelogues too! However, 2 of his books have made noteworthy contributions to children’s literature. If you are seeking therapeutic peace, Vikram Seth’sSeth’s books for kids will take you back to your childhood days. In this article, we will talk about the top Vikram Seth books for kids that are an absolute delight.

About Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth is an Indian poet, novelist, and travel writer who is well known for his evergreen classic “A Suitable Boy”. He has been in the field of writing for more than 3 decades now and is known to be the most influential writer of the modern era. Born in Kolkata, he studied at some of the prestigious schools across the country before heading to England for his higher education.

Vikram Seth graduated from Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and completed his master’s in economics from Stanford University, U.S.A. before starting his journey in Literature. His first-ever book was a collection of short poems known as ‘Mappings’ and that did not grab much attention. However, he came to the limelight with his second book titled ‘From Heaven Lake’ which focused on his journey from China to India. To add to this, his novel ‘The Golden Gate’ published in 1986 made him one of the most popular and acclaimed novelists of his time.

Now let’s leap into the magical world of Vikram Seth’s books for kids and witness the magic that he managed to create with his words.

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List of Must-Read Books for Kids by Vikram Seth

1. The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth brought him a lot of fame and name. This was his first novel that was published in 1986 and he was widely praised for his great work all across the world. The story revolves around a boy called John Brown, a successful yippie living in San Fransisco. He meets his love interest Liz, after a personal advertisement.

From here on, John Brown meets a variety of new and different characters with their own sets of values and characteristics and the idea of ‘self-actualization’. The novel lays a lot of emphasis on self-discovery and self-love. The story was inspired by Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin, and this particular novel consists of 590 Onegin stanzas. In the year 1998, Vikram Seth received Sahitya Akademi for his outstanding work in literature.

2. Mappings


Vikram Seth stepped into the world of Literature with this particular book. Published in 1980, this book by Vikram Seth is a collection of poems that was released within a minimal reputation. Over the years, it became difficult to get the book published by demanded publishers. Most of the poems mentioned in the book, revolve around his life when he was in his late twenties. The book is a mirror reflection of the serious and smooth phases that Vikram Seth had to encounter during his teenage years.

3. Beastly Tales From Here And There

Beastly Tales

Our beloved ‘the frog and the nightingale’ has been a throwback memory of everyone’s school life. Well, the Beastly Tales From Here and There is a collection of Vikram Seth’s popular poems including our personal favorite “The Frog and the Nightingale” and “ The Crocodile and the Monkey”. Don’t these books remind you of your childhood days?

The Crocodile and the Monkey mentioned in the book reflects upon the friendship and betrayal crisis between a crocodile and the monkey. Vikram Seth has very carefully used the words to narrate the incidents revolving around the 2 best friends. Similarly in the Frog and the Nightingale talks about the 2 extreme traits of humans. Whether it is a poem or a short story, the words penned down by Vikram Seth always reflect upon the true aspects of human existence.

4. A Suitable Boy

A Suitable Boy

Just like The Golden Gate, even A Suitable Boy was a hit given by our beloved Vikram Seth to the world of literature. This novel was published in 1993. It is one of the longest novels available as a single volume, A Suitable Boy is romantic fiction. The plot of the story is set in the post-partition period of India and the story narrates a tale of a dominating mother searching for an official husband for her 19-year-old daughter.

Moreover, in 2019 this book was mentioned under the list of 100 most inspiring novels and grabbed the attention of well-known faces including Daniel Johnson, and Christopher Hitchens. Well, you can also watch a movie titled ‘A Suitable Boy’ on Netflix starring exceptionally talented Tabu and handsome young man Ishaan Khattar.

5. Two Lives- A Memoir

Two Lives- A Memoir

Another great piece of literature by Vikram Seth is the Two Lives- A Memoir. It was published in the year 2005. The story revolves around his great uncle of Indian origin and great aunt of German origin. The novel highlights a love story but also throws light on the different shades of cultural differences. The book also received the Crossword Book award for its outstanding story.

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Final Words

These are the top 5 Vikram Seth books for kids. Moreover, his stories deal to reflect upon the different issues that are embedded deep within our society. And the best way to educate your children about such issues is by introducing them to Vikram Seth’s books. PiggyRide offers online storytelling classes that are specially designed for your little storytellers. You can enroll them in our online storytelling classes and let them narrate a beautiful story of their own. Our online storytelling classes will help in improving their vocabulary and will make them more social.

If your child is interested in pursuing a creative career in storytelling, enroll them in our online storytelling classes today!

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