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How do I tell my parents about my bad grades?

It has happened to each one of us, there is something or the other which we have hidden from our parents. The consequences are what we fear and that fear only grows with age. The sooner we get rid of this demon the better it is.

There is an old folklore about a small boy in a village and his bad fear of shadows. He used to get scared of his own shadow. His mother used this fear to her advantage to make him disciplined. Whenever he did not conform, she brought him in line using her shadow. Slowly entire village knew about his fear. He had a bullied childhood where all the kids around him bullied him. Fear got ingrained in his mind. He started fearing everything, imagining the awful in all scenarios.

Time went past, the Kid moved to another village thinking that it would make his past go away. Little did he know, that fear was part of all his actions. He died in a fear of death thinking about a life where he shouldn’t have feared so much. Fear did not let him make the best of his life. We know this is not a typical folklore where every bad thing becomes alright in the end. But such is life, one has to make an effort to make it better.

Study says that our childhood stresses and the way we handle them impacts our adulthood. It becomes difficult to handle stress even in adulthood which can lead to bad anxiety issues, sleep disorders & physical illnesses. Small things in childhood leave a mark. Our fears when fed continuously, become our life. It is the primary responsibility of a parent to understand kid’s fears and help them in their journey.

Here are PiggyRide’s 7 Successful Parenting Secrets You Never Were Told

  1. Never Lie: It is one common escape route for kids to lie about the results. One needs to understand that this is the beginning of something very harmful. It might save you that day but it will be caught. It can also badly haunt you for a long.
  2. Never Hide: Hiding facts is as good as lying. You need to understand that hiding is a heavy burden. It will become like an almirah to which only you have the key. And like all almirahs, this one too will be filled completely.
  3. Time Is Now: The more you delay, the more scared you get. The general tendency of kids is to wait for the right time, which can be weeks, months, or years.
  4. Understand Reasons: The child must understand the reasons for bad grades. Though it becomes very difficult to know the real reasons behind it but still an effort can still be made. You can talk to your parents about the reasons you were able to figure out and ask for their best advice to tackle the situation.
  5. Understand Fear: What are you scared of? Do you think your parents will not understand the reasons? Do you think they will scold you? Are you scared that they are going to beat you? No matter what, you cannot let that fear rule you. You must face your fear.

Sometimes in their busy life, parents do not get the time to understand the problems the child is facing. They themselves might be undergoing stress. And it is very normal for a parent to assume that whatever a child is doing is very normal since we also did in our childhood. This can be a very harmful approach. We cannot blame the parents as well. So what should the kid do if they get bad grades?

If there is anything that you are not able to discuss with your parents, you can always call or WhatsApp our childcare number, 63 64 63 62 63. We are available 24/7 for your assistance.

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