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Drool-Worthy Fireless Cooking Ideas For Kids

Just like music, even cooking is considered to be very relaxing and calming for the mind and soul. Moreover, involving your kids in cooking can be a wholesome experience for parents and kids. Apart from teaching your kids some basic cooking skills, you can also treat this as a golden opportunity to develop a rapport with your little ones. And as responsible parents make sure that you follow all the necessary steps to ensure their safety. Hence the best way to do that is to introduce your kids to fireless cooking ideas. Hence, keeping the safety scenario in mind, we have prepared a delicious list of the best and easy-to-make fireless cooking ideas for kids.

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Easy-To-Make Fireless Cooking Recipes for Kids

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Therefore, we have come up with an easy-peasy fireless cooking recipe for your kids that they will thoroughly enjoy. Chocolate peanut butter balls will make way for a highly nutritious and tasty after snack that you both can enjoy. A simple recipe, that can be prepared by kids of all age groups.

a) Ingredients Needed

i) Peanut butter
ii) Honey
iii) Vanilla Extract
iv) Oats
v) Chia Seeds
vi) Raisins

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b) Method of Preparation

i) As already mentioned above, chocolate peanut butter balls are one of the easiest fireless cooking ideas for kids. Therefore, warm the peanut butter and honey in the oven until completely melted and smooth.

ii) Take a bowl, and mix all the ingredients thoroughly together with the help of a wooden spatula.

iii) Once the mixture is ready, ask your kids to make small balls.

iv) Well, the peanut butter balls are ready, spread them evenly on the butter paper.

v) Now refrigerate them for 10 minutes and serve the peanut butter balls with coconut garnishing.

2. Mini Pizza Pockets

Mini Pizza Pockets

Pizza pocket is another favorite snack that is loved by kids of all ages. Hence, this should be at the top of the list of fireless cooking ideas for kids. All you need for the preparation of a pocket pizza is seeds, colorful veggies, and protein-rich ingredients like tofu.

a) Ingredients Needed

i) English muffins
ii) Pizza sauce
iii) Mozzarella cheese
iv) Finely chopped veggies
v) Cheese

b) Method of Preparation

i) Apply the pizza sauce to your English muffins.

ii) Now, sprinkle some finely chopped veggies, cheese, and mixed herbs on top of the muffin.

iii) Once the dressing is completed, bake the muffins in the oven for approximately 10 minutes.

iv) Now serve your teeny-tiny pizza pockets with tomato sauce.

3. Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

Nothing can beat the taste and the nutritional benefits of freshly chopped fruits. N case your child is a picky eater then the best way to make them eat fruits is in the form of a salad or a chaat. Fruit salad is another popular and simple fireless cooking idea for kids.

a) Ingredients Needed

i) Seasonal fruits
ii) Mixed nuts
iii) Pepper powder
iv) Lemon juice
v) Salt

b) Method of Preparation

i) Add all the chopped fruits to a mixing bowl. You can add a palette of different fruits to the bowl such as an apple, banana, strawberries, mango, pear, etc.

ii) As a next step, add pepper powder, lemon juice, and nuts to the fruit bowl.

iii) Thoroughly mix the ingredients.

iv) Serve the chaat as an evening appetizer.

4. Mixed Sprouts Salad

Mix Sprouts Salad

Just like your fruit chaat, even the mixed sprout chaat does not involve the use of fire and it is completely safe for your little chefs. Sprouts are a healthy addition to your child’s diet. To make it even more delicious and tempting, you can add various veggies such as carrots, cucumber, tofu, and lemon to add the zingy effect to your sprouts.

a) Ingredients Needed

i) Boiled mixed sprouts
ii) Chopped cucumber and carrots
iii) Finely chopped tofu
iv) Tomato
v) Onion
vi) Lemon juice
vii) Salt and pepper

b) Method of Preparation

i) In a mixing bowl, add the boiled sprouts.

ii) Add all the chopped veggies like carrots, onion, tomato, cucumber, and tofu to the bowl containing boiled sprouts.

iii) Add salt and pepper to taste and give the mixture a nice toss.

iv) Make sure that everything gets nicely mixed.

v) Add lemon juice and give the mixture a gentle toss.

vi) Voila! Your healthy sprouts are ready and you can serve them to your kids with a glass of freshly prepared lemonade.

5. Strawberry Ritz

Strawberry Ritz

Strawberry is loved by all! It is tasty and healthy both!. Hence, the recipe that goes into the preparation of strawberry ritz is easy and can be made quickly.

a) Ingredients Needed

i) Chopped strawberries
ii) Cottage cheese
iii) 1 packet of crackers

b) Method of Preparation

i) If you are on the lookout for fireless cooking ideas for kids, strawberry ritz will not disappoint you at all!

ii) In a mixing bowl, mix cottage cheese and chopped strawberries.

iii) Now with the help of a knife spread out the mixture evenly on the wholegrain crackers.

iv) Serve these crackers with whipped cream.

6. Biscuit Cake

Biscuit Cake

Biscuit cake is one of our favorite dishes that went viral during the 2020 lockdown. Almost everyone was seen preparing this tasty and easy-to-make biscuit cake. The best part about the biscuit cake is that it is light and fulfilling.

a) Ingredients Needed

i) Marie biscuits
ii) Milk
iii) Sugar
iv) Butter

b) Method of Preparation

i) As a first step crush the biscuits in a mixture. You can ask your kids to help you with the mixer part.

ii) Now add the finely crushed biscuits to a deep bowl and add the ingredients like milk, sugar, and butter to the biscuit batter.

iii) Thoroughly whisk all the ingredients together and pour the mixture into a baking tray.

iv) Let the mixture settle down on the tray properly and top it up with a layer of chopped nuts like almonds and cashews.

v) Once everything is done and completed, place the mixture in the refrigerator for around 20 to 25 minutes.

vi) Let the mixture cool and serve it with coffee or as an evening tea snack.

7. Chilled Banana Shake

Banana Shake

Chilled banana shake is an excellent and refreshing drink that you serve to your kids and family during the scorching summer months. The banana shake is packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals.

a) Ingredients Needed

i) Whipped cream
ii) Chocolate ice cream
iii) 2 bananas
iv) Milk

b) Method of Preparation

i) In a mixer, add the finely chopped bananas, whipped cream together, and blend.

ii) Now add milk and blend the mixture again.

iii) Take a glass and pour the mixture into it.

iv) Once the glass is filled with the banana mixture, add a scoop of chocolate ice cream.

v) Tadaa! Choco banana shake is ready to be served.

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These are the 7 easy-to-make fireless cooking ideas for kids. We understand that sometimes kids can be very choosy when it comes to food and as parents, we always try our best to not compromise with their health and nutrition. The above-listed fireless cooking recipes for kids require no cooking at all. Moreover, the above-mentioned recipes will enable you to make your kids eat veggies and fruits more healthily. At PiggyRide, we offer online cooking classes for your little ones.

Just like any other art, even cooking is a very creative art and you can use it as a way to calm down your child. Hence, you can explore our online cooking classes and enroll your kids in them. These classes will be conducted under the supervision of experts and the best part is that there is no to minimal use of fire involved in these cooking classes. Today, we know the importance of basic cooking skills. Hence, these online cooking classes will lay a strong emphasis on basic cooking skills. So, get ready and let your little chefs try their hands at cooking.

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