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Best Ways To Overcome Math Phobia In Kids

Whenever kids hear the words ‘algebra’ and ‘linear equations’ their brain starts wobbling around and their hands start shaking. A lot of kids struggle with math during their early childhood years and mostly they feel stuck, helpless, and are unable to understand even the basic and simple mathematic concepts. This can be difficult for parents because resolving math phobia in kids is difficult as it usually sets in at a very young age.

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If not handled with care and properly, math phobia in kids can create long-term problems including fear of failure and lower self-esteem. Therefore, to overcome math phobia in kids, parents must look for constructive remedies so that their children can ace the subject of math. In this article, we will discuss different remedial approaches to overcome math anxiety in children. But before that, it is important to have a basic understanding of what is math phobia and what are its causes.

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What is Math Phobia?

Math phobia can be defined as a situation where an individual is scared of the subject of math. It can be defined as a feeling of anxiety that can stop an individual from solving a mathematical problem or an equation. This is because most people think of math as a very difficult subject that everyone cannot master.

Causes of Math Phobia

Some of the common causes of math phobia in kids are-

a) The pressure of tests and examinations.
b) The fear of public embarrassment.
c) Influence of teachers.

However, it is very important to overcome math phobia in kids so that your kids can perform well in their school examinations. Once you can analyze the underlying cause of the phobia in kids, you’ll be able to help your kids efficiently.

Remedial Approaches for Overcoming Math Phobia in Kids

1. Have a Positive Outlook Towards Math

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Having a negative attitude towards math will only add to your problems. So, it is very important as parents to ensure that your kids have a positive attitude towards math. Furthermore, having a negative mindset towards the subject will make things look complex for your kids. Ask your kids where are they struggling and make sure that you explain to them all the basic mathematical concepts in an efficient way. Parents need to be very patient while teaching the subject to their kids. Try to repeat the concepts as many times as possible so that your kids don’t feel lost and confused. Talk to your kids about your mathematical fears and tips that helped you in overcoming your math anxiety.

2. Try to Prevent Math Anxiety in Your Kids if Possible

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You can easily prevent math phobia in kids by creating a positive math learning environment in your home. However, in some cases, there can be other problems apart from your child’s learning environment that you may have to think about. In case your child has a very small problem, then make sure that an early solution is the best way to deal with the problem. Take all the necessary steps to give proper assistance to your child to prevent any type of math anxiety in the future. Another efficient trick of overcoming math phobia in kids is by strengthening their learning abilities and this will play a key role in reducing math-related stress in your child.

3. Learn And Master Vedic Math Techniques

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Learning and mastering simple Vedic math techniques will help your kids in overcoming their math anxiety. It will speed up a kid’s calculation speed, will familiarize them with core concepts of maths. When the basics are strong, kids will eventually start loving math. Vedic Math will help your kids in strengthening their basic understanding of all the important mathematical operations including- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

4. Practice With Your Child

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Practice and patience are the 2 keys that will enable your child to overcome their stress and anxiety related to the subject of math. With regular practice, you can help your child become more confident about the subject. Start by practicing the multiplication tables along with the addition and subtraction when spending quality time with your kids. Use creative approaches to make the subject of math fun and interesting for your little ones.

5. Encourage Your Kids to Ask Questions

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Learning and mastering math is not a 1-way process rather it is a 2-way process. So, ask your kids to ask questions and get all their doubts rectified there and then. Make sure that you don’t go too breezy by helping your kids as it will make them more dependent on you. Give your kids an opportunity to showcase to you that they are capable of solving math problems. Allowing your kids to solve a math problem will enhance their confidence levels.

6. Assist Your Child in Learning Maths

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Mistakes are bound to happen because your kids are not the expert on the subject. So let them make mistakes because this is how they will learn and master the basics of this subject. You should encourage your kids by asking them to see their mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. This way you will make your kids better at the subject of math and they will not feel afraid of making mistakes.

7. Illustrate the Usefulness of Math

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Rather than exaggerating the importance of math, you must demonstrate the usefulness of the subject and how it can help them later in life. Make sure that you involve your kids in day-to-day calculations so that they can easily understand how the basic addition and subtraction is done. Once they start understanding the basics of the subject, let them calculate the cab fare, grocery bills, and get the right amount of change. These activities will help in strengthening the basic mathematical concepts in your kids.

8. Make Math Playful

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Another creative approach to overcome math phobia in kids is by using creative and immersive games to teach your kids about important mathematical concepts. From memory to matching, you can plan a lot of creative games around math. Remember, the more creative you’ll get the more your kids will enjoy the subject.

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Final Words

These are the 7 constructive ways by which you can overcome math phobia in kids. Well, math is not a difficult subject it is all psychological. So, make sure that you take all the necessary steps to overcome math anxiety in kids. To improve the mathematical skills of your kids, you can also enroll them in online Vedic math classes. PiggyRide offers exclusive and specially curated online Vedic math classes for your little kids. These online classes will play a key role in overcoming the math fear in your kids.

Moreover, these online math classes will use different approaches and creative activities to make the subject easy and simple to understand. The course curriculum is designed as per the learning abilities of your kids. That is from the beginner’s level to an advanced level. Apart from the course curriculum, we have a dedicated team of instructors who will help your kids in learning all their doubts and confusion revolving around the subject. So, it’s time for your kids to befriend math with PiggyRide’s online math classes.

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