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Benefits of Playing Piano for Kids – Explore Piano Classes!

Did you know playing an instrument is excellent exercise for the brain? It strengthens everything from mood, enhances motor and sensory skills, better connections to others, and more. The same goes with learning it in the piano classes for kids!

Piano classes

Being passionate about music and having a keen interest in learning it is a blessing for kids. It not only adds a skill for life in them but as I said it also helps in overall learning and improved social skills. Playing Music is not just pleasing for anyone around, but it’s therapeutic too for kids. Whether your kid is singing or playing an instrument, it rejuvenates them and makes them feel relaxed. In the past few months, I have shared blogs for benefits of different musical instruments, for today I decided to go with Piano.

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Want to know the benefits of playing piano? – Let Dive into it right away into and also explore what piano classes offers!!

1. Focus & Concentration

Playing piano is not only fun but also good for kids to enhance their focus & concentration. When kids play the piano, the need to focus on the rhythm, pitch, note duration, and using both hands. This needs multi-level concentration skills.

2. Teaches Perseverance

Learning playing new songs on the piano takes time, dedication and effort.  Kids stay motivated to get the desired results & appreciation from the instruction which builds perseverance in a better way.

3. Improves Academic Performance

Now you guys might be thinking how playing piano have any impact on academic performance? Well, studies have showed that learning any musical instrument exercises the same part of the brain as that used for certain math problems. Quite interesting!! So let your kid play piano & do wonder for everything.

4. Exposure to Various Cultures

Playing Piano can help kids to understand different cultures as they can play the whole range of classical music, western music or light music.

5. Enhances Emotional Intelligence

It is important to play piano with expressions, as it makes the performance mesmerizing This helps in interacting with your audience and connect with emotions. It works wonderfully for the tone of voice, the speed of speech, and the melody of speech instantly.

6. Improves Coordination

Playing with both hands requires the coordination of 10 fingers on two hands and the feet for the peddles, all while reading music and potentially even singing all at the once, right?  It has direct impact on coordination skills which spike up with each day.

Piano classes

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What Can You Expect from PiggyRide Piano Classes?

The Online Piano classes will help students in exploring Piano and right Posture, Musical theory, technical exercises, reading sheets, chord symbols, chords, and inversions, and Scales in various keys. The classes are available for all learners, Basic to advance from age group 5 to 18 years. The course will include:

# Introduction to the piano, knowledge about the instrument, the difference between piano and keyboard, and basic about playing.

# Read & Play Notes

# Proper piano technique

# Playing with both hands

# Elements of music (black and white notes, intervals)

# Have a sense of Rhythm

# Play all major, minor, diminished, and augmented chords

Take Away:

Regular piano playing offers different lifelong advantages to individuals. Encourage your kids to learn the piano so that they can appreciate the beauty of it and leverage the best out of it.  Don’t miss to check out the piano classes, crash courses & free piano Workshops offered by PiggyRide for your little champs. These piano courses will change the way your child looks at the piano and his/her creativity will flow in the form of music. Piano playing is soothing, satisfying and pleasant to the ear when the instrument is tuned correctly. So, grab the course now conducted by various trinity alumni instructors and witness magic on your child’s fingers.

Let your kid start learning piano today!!

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