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Top 7 Benefits of Learning Carnatic Vocal Music For Kids

Music is immortal, and soothing in itself. In today’s world each child shows inclination towards a different type of music but having interest in learning classical or carnatic music is a great boon. Heard of Carnatic Vocal Music?

Well, this is the rich south Indian Music also called  Karnataka Sangita. Carnatic Vocal Music is one of the richest music form in India and people from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka are exposed to it.

carnatic vocal music

Carnatic’s music places a lot of emphasis on vocalizing and compositions which is its specialty. The most popular choice among the traditional music forms, especially for those from South India, kids from the region are initiated into it from younger age. This art form does require rigorous training, dedication and professional guidance to bring out the best.

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With its rich variety of ragas, Carnatic music provides numerous melodic patterns which can be explored and benefits can be leveraged out of it.

So get ready to read the top 7 benefits of  learning carnatic vocal music for kids –

1. Enhances Discipline
Learning Carnatic Vocal requires discipline for singing within a boundary set by the rules of music. Practicing it on a regular basis with proper music etiquette enhances discipline and develops personality.

2. Improves Concentration
Learning Carnatic music improves concentration as it needs keen interest & dedication to learn and explore all nitty-gritty of the music. Learn to kids. Learning it also brings sense of achievement

3. Stress Buster
Music is a soothing activity and is scientifically proven. Music brings the sense of calmness and relaxation for learner.  Similarly, Carnatic  Vocal Music enhances positive spiritual influences, relieving all stress, hence acts as stress buster. It not only helps learners but also is relaxing for the one who listens to it.

carnatic vocal music

4. Develops Vocal Cords
Learning Carnatic Vocal music helps to develop vocal cords in kids and also enhances motor skills in a better way. It helps in correct pronunciation and  quality of speech as well. It helps to develop  a mesmerizing  voice.

5. Improves Brain Functionality
Carnatic’s music learners get a benefit of improving brain functions, such as hearing, memory, sharpness, etc. Learning different ragas and Swaras need sharp memory, hence while memorizing it, brain tend to become sharp.

6. Cultural understanding
Carnatic Vocal music as mentioned is a traditional art form, which depicts culture in the excellent way. Carnatic’s music provides learners opportunities to understand ancient music and culture, and they stay connected to the roots.

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7. Music Creativity
When exploring Kalpana, Swara, Ragas and Alapana, the learner’s creativity is let free. Hence, Carnatic music gives an outlet to creativity, within the  set of disciplined boundaries. Hence, makes learner versatile with creativity and exposes to various genres of carnatic music.

Carnatic Vocal Music is all about Melody &  Rhythm such as Ragas, Talas, Kalpana, Alpana, Swaras. As learning carnatic Vocal music  is good for our soul and inner happiness, at the same time it is pleasant for the listener as well. So get ready to make your kids learn it & make a peaceful environment at home.

How to learn Carnatic Vocal Music?

With busy schedules, commuting problems, and  COVID-19 Situation as of now attending offline music classes for kids can be challenging. If you want to start your kid’s Carnatic Music learning journey, reach out to PiggyRide today for  online Carnatic Vocal music classes. We offer Carnatic Vocal classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced learners. Our expert teachers are ready to give a trial class so that you can get overview & take a call.

We ensure you with solid understanding of the fundamentals, hard work, dedication, passion to learn and constant practice, your kid will be able to become versatile with Carnatic Music. Regular practice of the sessions will make kids –
# Improve Voice Tone & Range
# Enhance good grip  on voice
# Excellent Ability to sing Swaras
# Versatile with tempos and speeds in different octaves

Let the Carnatic Music Flow!

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