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5 Happening New Year Family Resolutions For 2020

5 Happening New Year Family Resolutions For 2020

We are standing on the edge of 2020, just the time when we all scramble to make our new year resolutions which we promise to ourselves we will be resolute about! From weight loss promises to be serious about our careers to try and shake out of our procrastination, we make a long list, soon to be forgotten. For the coming year, let’s make some simple promises to ourselves and involve our children in it- promises we can keep and adhere to. So, here we go-

1. One Meal Without Gadget/One Meal Together

If you want to get the whole family together, switch the WIFI off. Everyone will rush to the room where the router is and before you know it, the entire family has gathered in one room. Often around the dining table, the only sound that comes is either of spoons and forks meeting or the beeps and tones of calls and messages or a Netflix movie that’s being played. We hardly make conversations anymore.

So, let’s resolve to have one meal with family without gadgets and TV. I know it’s difficult but try it. Stick to this rule for 2020 and happily observe the change it brings about in your family. Your children will start spending time with you and talking to you more!

2. Gratitude Chits

Every day that we breathe, we have something to be grateful for. We forget to be thankful for the little things we are blessed with. We may have a bad day but let’s remind ourselves each day to be thankful for at least one thing we have been blessed with.

Having a ‘gratitude bottle or box’ is a good idea to keep this New Year. At the end of each day, if each of us writes in a note for whatever we are thankful for and put it in our gratitude bottle, by the end of the month/week we will realize, amidst all the stress and worries, we have so many things to be grateful for. Children especially benefit from it as they realize the importance of small things and the happiness that they give. This also inculcates the habit in the children of being grateful for what they have  

3. One Small Step To A Plastic-Free World

Let’s take a step back and look around. Most things around us have an element of plastic. While we do speak of a plastic-free world, to really embrace it in our lives isn’t very easy. But we can definitely be more conscious and take tiny steps towards it. Let’s not overburden ourselves with too many promises but that one step is good, to begin with. Discard one plastic item that we use every day. 

Single-use plastic-like mineral bottles or straws or toothbrushes- anything that you find an eco- friendly replacement for, that you can follow easily, do it. That one step will lead to many more such eco-conscious steps. Our children are inheriting this earth from us. It’s a good time to start teaching them the value and urgency of being mindful of our actions, especially towards our planet. Do make that choice in the coming year and educate your children about a plastic-free world.

4. Your Helping Hand Once A Month

We are fortunate to be in a position to afford the luxuries of life. And there are many who aren’t. Let’s make a resolution to help the needy once a month. Involve the family, go out and feed the hungry, clothe the poor, distribute medicines, teach someone- whatever it is you can do. Reach out, help and make the world a better place. Our children learn from us. They will pick the baton from us, learning from our benevolence and kindness. One positive step from us can inspire many. 

5. A Healthy You And Your Children

While we do promise ourselves better health and weight loss year after year, more often than not we fail to keep our promise. Lack of time or initiative, we realize we make the same promise every year-end. So, let’s not make lofty promises. Just eat healthy, home food more and take a walk for thirty minutes every day for those who just hate to exercise. A thirty-minute brisk walk can do wonders and top it up with good, healthy food and you will discover your way to good health already! Children are too stuck to their gadgets to enjoy a walk or a sport. Make sure they are involved in outdoor activities. Go for your walk in the park with your children. There’s always something new to be discovered.   

Make this New Year count. Make simple resolutions you can keep and always involve your children. And don’t forget to SMILE. That will make your year just perfect! 

Do you have some other happening resolution that you are making this new year along with your family?

We would love to hear your 2020 family resolution.

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