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10 Useful Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe In Public Place

10 Useful Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe In Public Place

The safety of our children is always our main concern when we step out of our homes. By following some safety rules, outings with our children can be full of fun and trouble-free.

Here are 10 helpful ways to keep kids safe in crowded public places:

#1. Know your name, address, and phone number(s)

We must ensure that our children know/learn our phone numbers and address just in case of any emergency. They should be able to call us anytime should they need to.

#2. If you are scared, Run to safety

Children must be taught to find themselves a safe spot like a crowded place or near a shop or store or any security personnel they can find in case they get lost. They must not run helter-skelter around the place. 

#3. It’s OK to be rude to a grown-up if you feel you’re unsafe.

If a child feels that a stranger has approached them and the person doesn’t look safe, it’s okay to not speak to the stranger. The child should be taught not to entertain any conversation with a stranger. They need to hear it from you directly because this message often contradicts everything they have heard before.

Learn the difference between an “OK” secret and a “NOT OK” secret 

A child must be taught not to keep any secret from his/her parents. He/she must be cautioned to beware of an adult that asks the child to keep a secret from parents. That definitely is a dangerous sign. secret and a “NOT OK” secret

#5. Find Designated Place To Meet

In case you are visiting a mall or a park with the child, make sure you designate a common place where you all can meet in case anyone gets lost. It could be near the security desk, food court or a store. Stay there until you are found.

#6. Never take shortcuts

A child must be taught never to take shortcuts, roads that are not often taken by people. They should be guided that it’s fine to reach a little late rather than taking some unusual route.

#7. Shout for help

In case of danger, or even you feel the environment around you little suspicious scream your lungs out. Shout for help. It doesn’t matter if you gather a crowd. Safety is the most important.

#8. Listen to your instincts

Tell your parents or a trusted adult if someone is asking you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Listen to your instincts. If a situation or a person just doesn’t seem safe, your child’s gut instinct should kick in.

Teach your kids to listen to that little voice inside of them that alerts them to the potential danger of a situation or a suspicious individual. If their instincts tell them that a situation is potentially dangerous, they should run away and find an authority figure that they can trust.

#9. Make Kids ask for Permission

It’s important to explain to kids of all ages that they need to ask you for permission before they go off anywhere. In crowded places, they should always let an adult know before they go off to another area.

#10. Explain Stranger Danger to Your Kids

From the time that your children are old enough to understand, you want to talk to them about the dangers of going off with a stranger. You don’t want them to be afraid of everyone, but explain that they should not go off anywhere with someone they don’t know.

The idea is not to scare the child but make him/her understand how to keep safe in a difficult situation.  

Have we missed any points? Let us know what you teach your kids while maintaining their safety when they are out.

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