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10 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Are you geared up for the summer season along with your kids? Well, Summers have already arrived & it’s time to know summer safety tips for kids to keep them healthy, safe & fit.

Being born & brought up in Kashmir, I never experienced hot weather during my childhood as it’s never too hot there, however when I moved for my B. Tech to Chandigarh, It was the first time when I have to face such hot weather. Trust me, it was difficult to cope up initially but gradually have to move on with it, new habits, new food, and summer safety tips to keep myself fit in such an environment.

summer safety tips

My parents kept on checking on me if am doing good with such weather and now I am the mother to my little 4-year girl I understand the concerns that each season brings to parents. All we need is to stay alert & do few quick things to keep our kids fit in the summers.

Summer Season comes with its own challenges no matter which part of the world you live in – For some it’s extremely hot, and for a few it’s moderate. Kids are more prone to dehydration, etc in summer seasons, however, maximum care needs to be taken so that they are safe especially during the COVID-19 phase for better safety purposes.

Whether your kids are enjoying summer at home, or at camp, check these safety topics with your family to keep your kids healthy and happy. So, taking you around 10 safety tips to keep your kids safe & healthy this Summer.

1. Keep Them Hydrated

Kids are more prone to dehydration and their risk of falling sick increases as temperatures rise which can cause fever etc. The amount of water a child should drink varies by age, weight, and activity level. So keep them hydrated in the best possible way. Give them fresh juices and shakes each day.

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2. Prevent Bug Bites

As the weather warms up, bugs naturally start coming out. To avoid bug bites, use insect repellent at home, avoid using heavily scented soaps or lotions on your kids, and cover their arms and legs as much as possible while they move out to play, especially evening time.

3. Be A Sun Savvy

It’s Important for kids to apply sunscreen if they are going out to play or summer camps, for kids 6 months as well. Sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or greater reduces the intensity of UVRs that cause sunburns. Apply it 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure so it can absorb into their skin. Reapply if they stayed out for more than 2 hrs, re-applying is also an important aspect as well.

summer safety tips

4. Comfortable Clothes & Summer Accessories

Comfortable light weighted and cotton clothing is highly recommended, don’t make them uncomfortable with excessive layering or fancy things especially for attending parties, etc. Googles & hats are also good to go while going out.

5. Be Alert While They Participate In Water Activities

Be alert while they swim, do boating or you are at picnic spots where there are lakes, etc. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted when your kids are doing any water activity, no chit-chats around, or engrossing yourself on Mobile Phones. Put a guard up, know safety measures and be alert because most drowning cases occur in summers.

summer safety tips

6. Never Let Your Kid Wait In Car

Never leave a child alone in a car, if you are getting down from your car to buy something or for any reason. It only takes 10 minutes for a car to heat up by 20 degrees. kids are at great risk for heatstroke, so never keep them inside it alone.

7. Give Them Seasonal Fruits

Seasonal fruits consist of required nutrients that benefit the kid’s health and keep his/her immune system strong. Mangoes, apple, grapes, cucumber, watermelon, melon, all the fruits which have more water content are good in the summer season. So, it’s good if you gave them it each day.

8. Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet again will help in improving the immune system of your kid. Avoid fast, processed, oily, fried food out and prefer providing them home-cooked food. This tip is actually good to go in all seasons.

summer safety tips

9. Avoid Letting Kids Go out in Peak Hours

This is highly recommended, and I follow it no matter whatever is there. I never let my daughter go out in peak hours, neither I go out for whatsoever is there. So, keep your kids safe from heat rash or heat stroke by avoiding letting them go out in the sun from 11 am to 4 pm to play.

10. Book Online Courses/Offline Sports Activities

As summer vacations are also around the corner, you can enroll your kids in online courses which they are interested in or simply register them for offline sports training such as cricket, swimming, etc. Making good use of time is a wise decision.

Do you know PiggyRide offers numerous online courses for art, music, dance, yoga, chess, etc? Also, they offer offline coaching for outdoor sports such as cricket, tennis, swimming, martial arts, and much more.

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Take Away:

Every season is beautiful and so is the summer. we should let our kids enjoy It, however, summer safety tips should be a priority. 2020 was already challenging & still, we have not come out of the trauma of confining ourselves & our kids to our homes. Let this summer kids beat the heat by enjoying different activities and staying healthy & safe.

What are you doing these summers? Do let’s know we are Listening.

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