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Learn Guitar From Online Beginners Classes
By Navin Ranpal

Playing guitar is a form of therapy. It strengthens your support network. It enables you to express your feelings. The guitar is the best instrument simply due to versatility, cost, and the fact that because it's a polyphonic instrument it can be played solo or accompanied by others. Piggy Ride brings various kids online classes, based on age, level of skill, and interest of kids. You can choose from a variety of interactive live classes including dance, music, yoga and many other activities.

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About Navin Ranpal

Navin Ranpal is a professional Electric Guitar Instructor and has been offering classes to individuals of all age groups since 2009. He is versatile with giving personalized attention to each student so that that they can reach their full potential. Playing Guitar is a passion for him, and it brings him the ultimate joy to spread this art via his classes. Navin ensures students from day one will learn important foundational techniques that will help them to boost their skills and self-esteem. He believes each kid has a unique learning style, and it’s his responsibility to find out to make them adapt his lessons accordingly.... read more