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Bharatanatyam Free Weekend Workshop For Kids
By Pinky Guchhait

Bharatanatyam is traditionally a team performance art that consists of a solo dancer, accompanied by musicians and one or more singers. The theory behind the musical notes, vocal performance and the dance movement trace back to the ancient Natya Shastra, and many Sanskrit and Tamil texts such as the Abhinaya Darpana. Piggy Ride brings various kids online classes, based on age, level of skill, and interest of kids. You can choose from a variety of interactive live classes including dance, music, yoga and many other activities.

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About Pinky Guchhait

Pinky GuchhaitI is a Dance Teacher (for all age groups). She teaches mainly Bharatanatyam, Rabindra Nritya, Indian Folk Dance, Semi-classical dance styles. She works as a Pre-school Teacher at Jyotirmoy Public School and Kalagriham Performing Arts.... read more