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Beginners Guide of Guitars & Tutorials | Part-1 | Guitar Types, Guitar Parts, Buying Guide, Strings
By Firoj

The guitar is a mesmerizing musical instrument and is gaining immense popularity among youngsters. If you are also planning to buy your guitar and begin to learn to play the same, this beginner's guitar guide is of utmost importance for you. In this Part-1 of the guitars guide & tutorial, PiggyRide guitar trainer Firoj Khan has explained some fundamental concepts of guitar such as Guitar types, Guitar Parts, Strings, Guitar Buying guide for beginners, and much more.

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About Firoj

Firoj is a freelance guitar teacher with an expertise of more than 8 years, He is an expert in playing the instrument of the guitar. Firoj can effortlessly play Bollywood songs and various other songs on Guitar with ease and grace. ... read more