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Basics of Vedic Math For Beginners | Part-5 | Addition Techniques | Revision Test Class
By Deepika Patel

In previous math video tutorials, we learned some interesting Vedic math tricks to do the addition of numbers in various formats. In this Part-5 of the video session, PiggyRide trainer Deepika Patel has given some interesting questions that you can solve on your to revise all the addition techniques you have learned till now. So stream the session now and make mathematics fun & easy like never before.

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About Deepika Patel

Deepika Patel has been teaching for the last 3 year. Through her online classes, she aims to teach kids all the important aspects revolving around subjects . She believes to create an effective , positive and flexible way of learning rather than just rote learning. Her method of teaching includes ppt , practice questions , test , revisions etc.... read more


    Ridhi Dogra
    A very good and well made video for kids who are struggling with basics concepts in maths😍😍... Read more