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Algorithmics - Summer Camp for 10 - 14 yrs Age Group

Enroll your kids with Algorithmics - Summer Camp and encourage them to explore technical knowledge in this fast pacing digital world. This is customized based on the age group 10- 14 years.... Read more

Algorithmics - Summer Camp for 10 - 14 yrs Age Group

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About the Summer Camp

Algorithmics - Summer Camp is based on the various professions of the digital world. The participants become team members at a game development studio. During the summer camp, they will try on the roles of web designer, graphic designer, game designer, developer, 3D illustrator and gaming blogger.

They will learn what role each specialist plays in the creation and development of games. During the workshop, the team will encounter various development tools, as well as various ways of presenting the results of their work (presentations, streams, video reviews).

➔ Students will form teams and think of a name.

➔ Students will develop a site and logo for their company.

➔ Students will develop a concept for their game.

➔ Students will create 3D mock-ups of characters/a mobile game

➔ Students will assemble and release their game

➔ Students will film a video review of their game

➔ Students will present their projects

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