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Pen Mandala Art Classes

Discover virtual classes of Pen Mandala Art and Dive into the beauty of Mandala Arts with Manya Jain. Mandala art is characterized by a unique art form created using dots by using pens. Let the Pen do magic!... Read more

Pen Mandala Art Classes


Explore various techniques, methods, and colors to express your creativity. In these online Mandala Art classes, students will be introduced to the core concepts of Pen Mandala Art, geometrical patterns, gridlines, etc. The classes will cover:

  • Basics of Mandala,creating pattern sheets for future reference
  • Learning about Symmetric and Asymmetric Mandalas
  • Learning about the 3D patterns and 3D Mandala
  • Learning about different Flower pattern and Flower Mandala
  • Learning how to create half Mandalas and Monochromatic Mandalas
  • Learning how to create Galaxy Mandalas
  • Learning how to create Advanced Mandalas

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