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Paper Origami Workshop- Make Colorful Masterpieces!

Let kids explore origami and learn to create papercraft with easy-to-follow steps with Kala Chopal. They have also come up with an interactive and creative online workshop on origami that is intended to unwrap the creativity of students by guiding them to make different papercraft pieces. So, hurry up and enroll now!... Read more

Paper Origami Workshop- Make Colorful Masterpieces!

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About the Workshop

Is your child fond of doing paper crafts?

Well, then you have come to the right place!

Origami is an art form of intricate paper folding using hands. It helps in developing fine motor skills, and brain development give a sense of color, and improves concentration among children. An online origami workshop brought to you by Kala Chopal will help children in establishing their basic understanding of Origami. 

A highly creative and exciting workshop, that will make your kids believe how a square piece of paper can be turned into so many things. Moreover, from origami flowers to origami animals and a lot more. Your kids will learn to make and create new things from colorful papers. The workshop will help your kids gain confidence and feel a sense of accomplishment as they can do it themselves without any adult help. 

So, get ready to make some creative and colorful animals, flowers, vegetables, insects, etc. with Kala Chopal.