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Kuchipudi Classes

Kuchipudi dance classes will help students to learn the steps that are divided into series based on the rigor level. The Kuchipudi classes will help kids to explore basic steps, Jathis, and 3 modules.... Read more

About the Course

Kuchipudi is a classical dance form from Andhra Pradesh. The classes need immense dedication and passion for bringing out the best-rounded poses, footsteps, hand gestures, expressions, and postures.

The 3 modules will be very different and kids will be exploring both nritta( pure dance ) and nritya (includes abhinaya). By the end of this course, students will be able to do the nritta part as well as the nritya part of their own. The course will also cover theoretical pieces of information such as the history of Kuchipudi, Hasta mudras, etc for better learning purposes.

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