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Guitar Classes- Basics

Learn to play the guitar from the very basics and boost your confidence in understanding musical theories with these online guitar classes by Arijit Chatterjee Music Academy. These classes will help in shaping the musical career of your children. ... Read more

About the Course

Are your kids planning to pursue a career in guitar? These online guitar classes brought to you by Arijit Chatterjee Music Academy will be the best choice for you. 

Practicing the guitar regularly can enhance your concentration and expand your attention span. It takes an adequate focus to become an expert guitarist. Focusing becomes a habit for your mind and will help you concentrate better on other everyday chores too. If you can read chords and patterns, it’s good, but not enough to play the guitar. Your hands should be able to recreate the patterns on the instrument and pluck the right strings. This is possible only when your eyes and hands coordinate with each other and work together. 

The guitar classes by Arijit Chatterjee Music Academy will help beginners to explore the fundamentals of playing guitar, changing open chords smoothly, match Major and Minor chords with ease, and much more. Students will be taught to develop reach, finger strength, hand coordination, and developing in their own voice. 

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