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Bollywood Dance Classes from Lakshmi

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Bollywood Dance Classes from Lakshmi


Beginners Level


1.     Warm Up and Flexibility workouts

2.     Strength Building and movements

3.     Basic Dance Steps and Moves

4.     Various Footwork and hand move that can be done on a same beat

5.     Basic steps for folk forms Bhangra, Lavani, Garba, Dandiya etc.

6.     Basic Steps of various other styles of dance including Semi classical, Western, Shuffle etc.

7.     Techniques and Expressions.

8.     Various twirls, spins, waves, jumps and jerks in a Bollywood choreography.

9.     Body Coordination which includes Posture, attitude, footwork, hand moves, expressions and following the beat and steps.

10.  Learning one Dance Choreography

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