Book Bharatnatyam Workshop- #EveryMoveMatters online on PiggyRide

Bharatnatyam Workshop- #EveryMoveMatters
Bharatnatyam Workshop- #EveryMoveMatters

Embrace the heritage & glory of South Indian dance style Bharatnatyam with these wonderful basic online classes. Let's dance kids!... Read more

Bharatnatyam Workshop- #EveryMoveMatters
Bharatnatyam Workshop- #EveryMoveMatters

About the workshop

Learn basic fundamentals of Bharatanatyam dance with Piggy Ride master class workshop. Learning a classical dance has innumerable benefits for a kid. Classical music relaxes the mind and also develops the sense of music. An easy-to-follow practice session will develop a constant interest in this dance form. 

This basic Bharatanatyam workshop will help students understand the fundamentals of classical gestures. The sessions are designed to kick start the learning from the core basics. Equip your little one with the skills of classical dance like a pro. 

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What you'll learn

Bharatanatyam Fundamentals.

Who this workshop is for



Ethnic wear, and ankle bells.

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