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Bharatanatyam - Advanced Classes

Time for kids to master the Bharatnatyam dancing skills with Rajalakshmi Classes. The Bharatnatyam Advanced Classes will help kids to take their classical dancing skills to the next level.... Read more

Bharatanatyam - Advanced Classes

About the Course

Bharatnatyam - an impressive classical dance form that needs rigorous practice on the wrist movements, facial expressions, and footwork. This glorious dance form has the power of healing and helps build the mind-body connection.

The advanced course will help kids to become master with all major aspects:

  • Nritta - which means pure dance steps or dance sequences that are performed rhythmically. These movements and gestures do not convey any mood or thought.
  • Adavus – which are the basic steps in Bharatanatyam- form the basic component of Nritta.
  • Nrittya - involves interpretation and is the mime that corresponds to the song accompanied by music and song.
  • Natya  - the art of storytelling through dance. Natya is the dramatic representation and the technique involved here is called “Abhinaya”. 
  • Sthaanam ( The position of the legs), Mandalam (The position of standing), Chaari (The movement), Nritta hasta (The hand gestures)
  • Namaskara - Namaskara means paying respect to god, your teacher, your audience when you perform.
  • Posture Training  - Posture training is a prerequisite to any dance style - It includes working on keeping your back is absolutely straight, your Shoulders are thrown back, Keep your chin straight. It should not face up, droop down, or sideways, Hands are on your waist and you sit in the Araimandi position or the half-sitting position. 
  • Araimandi - Araimandi is the fundamental posture of Bharatanatyam. It is also known as Ardhamandala, Ukkaramandala, Ayatam, or the half-sitting posture.

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What You'll Learn
  • Basic Exercise
  • Basic Postures/ Alignment
  • ( Aramandi/ Sama pada/ murumandi)
  • Basic hand gestures
  • Basic Adavus
  • Sthaanam ( The position of the legs)
  • Mandalam (The position of standing)
  • Chaari (The movement)
  • Nritta hasta (The hand gestures)
Who this Course is for:

Advanced Level Learners


Ethnic wear

Instructions To Follow
"Zoom/Hangout Meeting link will be shared 1 hour prior to the class".
Cancellation Policy
100.0% refund is applicable if booking is cancelled before 2nd class
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Vanshika Wadhwani
There were so many mudras I had been doing so wrong till now. With this course I got my skills improved and started my daughter's Bharatanatyam training. ... Read more
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