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Basic Piano/Keyboard Instrumental Classes-3 months
Basic Piano/Keyboard Instrumental Classes-3 months

Time to learn Piano/Keyboard in this incredible 3 months course offered by Ashish Music Classes. No prior knowledge to the instrument is required to enroll.... Read more

Basic Piano/Keyboard Instrumental Classes-3 months
Basic Piano/Keyboard Instrumental Classes-3 months

About the course

Basic Piano/Keyboard Instrumental Classes-3 months will help learners to play the piano/keyboard in a well-presented and step by step manner. Starting with very basic and easy lessons will continue to build upon the grip. Are you ready to become versatile in playing Piano/keyboard?

By the end of this course, students will have all the knowledge of piano and keyboard playing with expertise over it. The course will help children to play songs, from very simple, to popular hit songs.

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  • Class 1-Introduction of keyboard - Basic work of keyboard &7 note of music explain on keyboard
  • Class 2-Explanation of octave on keyboard - Basic Finger sequence on keyboard
  • Class 3-Basic finger exercise on keyboard & Explain Some function of keyboard
  • Class 4-Basic tune of songs & How to use fingers on song
  • Class 5-How to use left hand on keyboard & Exercise for left-hand practice
  • Class 6-New song Practice with left hand & Knowledge of Rhythm on keyboard
  • Class 7-Basic knowledge of chords previous song practice with rhythm
  • Class 8-song practice on rhythm & song ready with chords
  • Class 9-Explain Some advance functions of Keyboard
  • Class 10-How to use other functions of keyboard, what is chords & How to use chords on songs
  • Class 11-Advance fingers movement & New song with new rhythm
  • Class 12-Explanation of other instruments on Keyboard & How to use other instruments on song
  • Class 13-introduction of Some advance chords & How to use rhythm on song
  • Class 14-New song with advanced chords & Relation of chords
  • Class 15-Explain Minor chords relation & Explain Major chords relation
  • Class 16-Apply chords relations on song & Basic fingers pattern with rhythm
  • Class 17-Introduction of Hindustani music & How to play indian raag
  • Class 18-Basic raag practice & Basic taal of hindustani music
  • Class 19-Explanation of Alankaar & Basic raag used on songs
  • Class 20-Basic taan practice & Basic knowledge of indian instruments
  • Class 21-Explanation of different style of songs & Advance practice of raag
  • Class 22-Compared indian and western notes & Raag practice with taal and aalap
  • Class 23-Raag practice with chords & Taal practice with raag
  • Class 24-conclusion of raag and taal & conclusion of chords and rhythm

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Required Materials

Piano/Keyboard and notebook.

Instructions To Follow
After course registration, you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the class.
Cancellation Policy
100.0% refund is applicable if booking is cancelled before 2nd class
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