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Basic Doodle Classes

Pooja Lalwani offers basic doodle classes for children out there so that they can explore the basics and the patterns for creating amazing doodle art pieces. The classes are all fun and need no prior experience to enroll.... Read more

Basic Doodle Classes


The doodle classes by Pooja Lalwani, a self-taught artist will teach children to make basic doodles by learning basic patterns for it. They will explore creating doodles with the help of numbers, shapes and connecting them for the desired outcome.

The classes will cover learning about the lines, curves, and patterns for creating Doodle. They will learn how to break an object and start filling up with patterns around it. The Doodle making enhances creativity and imagination among kids as it is considered one of the soothing art form.

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Pooja Lalwani, a professor by profession in Economics and Maths Faculty at HR College of commerce and economics. She is passionate about art and is a self-taught mandala artist which is a therapeutic and meditative art form. Pooja has conducted 200 art workshops this year and trained around 1000 artists. She offers regular workshops for madcap Workshops and Scholar store as well.

Required Materials
  • White or coloured A4 sheets,
  • Black fineliners 0.3mm,
  • Pencil, eraser, black markers
Instructions To Follow
"Zoom/Hangout Meeting link will be shared 1 hour prior to the class".
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