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Badminton - Offline Coaching

Does your kid like playing Badminton? Are you looking for badminton coaching? If yes, Time to get them registered with Badminton - Offline Coaching right now!... Read more

Badminton - Offline Coaching

About the Coaching

Time for your kids to enroll and excel in their Badminton playing skills with highly professional coaches with this Badminton - Offline Coaching offered by Coolulu. Ready to play?

The training will cover all modules of the game and focus will be given with the international standards. They will learn from basic to advanced Gripping Technique, advanced Footwork, advanced badminton Strokes, stance, and serves. Students will be practicing scoring points by landing the shuttlecock in their opponent’s court, forcing the opponent to hit the shuttlecock out of the court area, forcing your opponent to hit the shuttlecock into the net, and much more advanced techniques for better learning purposes.

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