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8 Popular Monsoon Hair Care Tips To Prevent Hair Fall in Kids

Are you and your child facing hair fall problems? Hair fall issues are common in the monsoon season. Thus, we will provide you with the most popular monsoon hair care tips for your kids. 

hair care tips for monsoon

The monsoon has stopped driving. As a result, there is a lot of relief from the sweltering summer heat. However, in addition to the monsoon, people must deal with skin and hair problems. Furthermore, children enjoy bathing in the rain, which affects their hair and skin. Monsoon hair fall is a common problem during every monsoon season. So, hair care in rainy season is a must. 

Why Is Hair Fall the Common Issue People Face During The Monsoon?

Monsoons not only bring showers but also humidity, which makes the scalp oily. It also causes an increase in dandruff and flakes, which eventually leads to hair loss.

So, as parents, you should take extra care of your child’s hair during the monsoon. So, check out the most popular monsoon hair care tips. Let’s face the damp weather with strong and healthy hair, not weak and brittle hair. 

Popular Monsoon Hair Care Tips For Kids

1) Buy Waterproof Headgear For School

A child wearing a raincoat

Rainwater is dirty and acidic, with a pH of 4.0. Purchase a raincoat or other appropriate headgear for your children to keep their hair dry during the rainy season. Buying a raincoat to cover the body and ignoring the hair can cause hair loss in children. Always remind your children to carry their raincoats and headgear to school so that they can protect themselves in the case of heavy rain. Keeping their hair dry will not cause their scalp to become oily. When wet, hair becomes weaker, brittle, and prone to dandruff. Wearing headgear is thus one of the most prudent monsoon hair care tips.

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2) Not To Miss The Nutritious Diet

eggs and walnuts

You should include Vit D, Vit B, Vit C, omega-3s, zinc, and protein-rich foods. Make your kids eat foods like fish, eggs, tofu, almonds, walnuts, seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin, spinach, sesame seeds, lemon, berries, and sweet lemon. All these foods are rich in vitamins, nutrients, zinc, and proteins. Include foods in their diet which are rich in Vit C. Moreover, a combination of all the vitamins and minerals and a rich diet is one of the most popular monsoon hair care tips for kids. Also, a protein-rich diet helps to fight off scalp infections. So, protein is the best thing to control monsoon hair fall. 

3) Don’t Avoid Oiling With Coconut Oil

coconut oil for hair growth

One of the best monsoon hair care tips is to apply coconut oil to your child’s hair. People commonly believe that hair is already damp and oily during the monsoon season. As a result, they avoid oiling their hair. However, it is a myth that you should avoid oiling your hair during monsoon season. Nevertheless, remember to oil your child’s hair the night before or 1-2 hours before washing. Also, if your child’s hair gets wet in the rain, always give them a quick hair wash. Give them a good oil massage to avoid monsoon hair fall.

4) Use A Wide-Toothed Comb


Instead of using a brush to comb your hair, use a wide-toothed comb. Such a loose comb will prevent hair from becoming entangled and breaking. During the monsoon season, hair quality deteriorates and breaks easily when combed. To avoid hair breakage, always use a wide-toothed comb. It is suitable for all hair types, including dry, oily, and frizzy hair. It is one of the best and easy monsoon hair care tips for children.

5) Not To Miss The Famous Home Remedies

neem home remedies

White flakes and dandruff come with the monsoon season. Hair care in the rainy season should be handled with homemade remedies. One of the best and simplest monsoon hair care tips is to apply sour curd mixed with lemon to prevent or eliminate dandruff. Second, you can apply neem and turmeric paste to your child’s hair to eliminate fungal infections. Furthermore, neem and turmeric have antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Furthermore, both remedies are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants, which will help your child’s hair and scalp stay healthy.

6) Alternative Happy Washes 

hair wash

Humid weather tends to clog the pores on the scalp, causing hair breakage or increasing the probability of fungal infections. During the monsoon season, the hair becomes more tangled and the scalp becomes itchy. To avoid monsoon hair fall, wash your child’s hair every other day to keep the scalp free of infections and keep them healthy. Furthermore, the monsoon season is the preferred growing season for lice. So, one of the best monsoon hair care tips is to wash your child’s hair on alternate days to keep it healthy and clean.

7) Change Your Shampoo Accordingly


You can buy clarifying shampoo or shampoo which controls dandruff and frizzy hair. Moreover, you can ask a doctor to help you before buying shampoo during the monsoon season. Sometimes, shampoo makes hair more brittle and dull. So, if your child is suffering from hair loss, make sure to visit a doctor for shampoo recommendations. 

8) Keep Your Kids Hydrated

A girl drinking coconut water

Did you know that water accounts for nearly 25% of the weight of a solitary strand of hair? You can see how one of the most important monsoon hair care tips is hydration. Keep your children hydrated and remind them to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water per day. We all know that no child enjoys drinking water regularly. So, you can supplement their daily water intake with fresh juices, soups, lime water, and coconut.

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Final Words

Do check out these 8 monsoon hair fall tips for kids. Thus, monsoon season comes with shower sprinkles which fill the soul of every kid and adult, it also comes with hair fall problems. So, make sure to use these monsoon hair care tips to save you from your hair fall stress for your kids. Whatever the season, abrupt seasonal changes can have a significant impact on your child’s immune system, skin, and hair. So, make sure to keep your kids hydrated, include proteins in their diet, use home remedies, and wash hair frequently during this damp season. 

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