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International Literacy Day 2022 – And Activities For Kids

We celebrate International Day of Literacy to raise awareness and consideration for literacy problems that exist not only in our local community but globally. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) founded International Literacy Day in 1966. 

International Literacy Day 2022

The main purpose of introducing such a day is to remind the public about the importance of literacy as a value of dignity and human rights. The world celebrates International Literacy Day on 8th September every year. International Literacy Day, also known as ILD, emphasizes the advancement of the international literacy agenda leading to a more sustainable and literate society.

The History Behind International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day 2022

The idea of International Literacy Day was first conceived during the “World Conference of Ministers of Education on the Eradication of Illiteracy” in 1965 in Tehran, Iran. And after much effort, UNESCO introduced International Literacy Day to be celebrated on 8th September each year after 1966. The primary purpose of International Literacy Day is to point out the significance of literacy for people and communities. To boost all the efforts into making a more literate society in the future.

As time passed, UNESCO has witnessed significant improvement in the rate of literacy since the introduction of International Literacy Day in 1966. Even after all the efforts, illiteracy is a major global problem. As per the estimates, there are more than 750 million adults in the world who are unable to read. No matter if the nation is developed, developing, or under-developed, illiteracy possesses a strong grip on the people. Even The United States of America has approximately 32 million adults who can not read.

Also, the global literacy rate for women is 81% and 89% for men. Not to forget, India has the largest population of 287 million illiterate adults. It is equal to 37% of the world’s total population. Burkina Faso has a literacy rate of 12.8%, making it the country with the lowest literacy rate in the world.

Before Moving On, What Exactly Does The Word “Literacy” Means?

International Literacy Day 2022

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word literacy means “the quality or state of being literate (able to read and write).” It is a blessing in disguise that we are able to read and write (although after putting in effort while a child) with ease.

Now, think about all those unfortunate people who never received the opportunity to read, write, or study anything. They can’t even write their name properly. Imagine a life where a person is unable to get the chance to read and write and how that person is surviving in today’s world. 

Thinking about all these issues (and more), and with the intention to wipe out illiteracy from the earth’s surface, International Literacy Day was formed. Also, The United Nations believes that literacy is a basic human right of all the people in the world.

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What Is The Theme Of International Literacy Day 2022?

Each year, UNESCO sets a theme to represent the purpose of celebrating International Literacy Day. This year, the theme is “transforming literacy and learning spaces.” The theme provides insight into international literacy and the development of the community as a whole.

International Literacy Day Activities Suitable For Kids

The ability to read and write is a blessing that we often disregard. Reading is a quintessential element that helps us survive in our daily life. If we can’t read & write, we can’t navigate through the world with ease and miss a lot of experiences that life has to offer.

There are various organizations that motivate and help underprivileged people to improve their literacy skills. On International Literacy Day, these organizations employ volunteers from different walks of life and request them to help disadvantaged people. 

These organizations mostly encourage students to take part in such activities. The process helps students to build communication skills and enables them to understand the situation on a grassroots level.

Besides that, there are other International Literacy Day activity suitable for kids to help them understand why the world celebrate this day.

1) Donate Books

Donate Books

Perhaps the most follow-up activity during world literacy day is donating books. If your kid has some old books in good condition, ask them to donate those books. It will help those kids who need them most or are unable to bear the cost of buying a new one. 

2) Try Book Swap

This year, ask your kids to swap their favorite books with their friends. The activity helps in spreading & promoting the love for reading. There are many organizations that provide free books to kids or students who like to read new books with limited resources. Book swapping is a great way of encouraging kids to read and instilling a reading habit among them.

3) You Can Do Some Writing Activities

On International Day of Literacy, you can indulge your kids in some writing activities. Teach them the significance of writing and different forms of writing, like reflective, persuasive, and expository. The process aids them in improving their writing technique.

Some of the activities where you can persuade your kids are asking them to write a description of their favorite character or giving them a word to make a sentence from it, or simply asking them to write how they are feeling today. 

4) Connect Literacy To Different Subjects

No matter the interest, every field expects each student to have a strong grasp of reading and writing. There are many online courses available that can help kids understand a varied list of concepts about their favorite subjects.

5) Gifting A Book

A moment cherished by most people around the world. We all know that kids are full of curiosity. They want to know everything all at once. Reading assists them in comprehending the concepts and resolving their innovative questions. Gifting a book to them will help resolve the curiosity and mystery running in their minds. Book gifting should not be limited to birthdays but open for festivities or holidays too.

Final Thoughts:

Literacy improves kids’ brain health and communication skills. It enhances academic performance and improves participation in justified matters like debates & discussions. Reading and writing on a regular basis helps in keeping the brain cells healthy. The process strengthens kids’ literary skills making them more intelligent. The literacy skill will heighten their overall vocabulary, improve their thought process, and place clarity while expressing their emotions.

This International Literacy Day, give your kids the opportunity to enhance their ability to read and write in a better way. Visit PiggyRide today and browse through different online courses ready to intensify your kids’ learning experience for the better. The website offers a varied list of quizzes, workshops, monthly tournaments, and so much more. 

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