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8 Kid-Friendly & Best Dog Breeds In India

Are you searching for the best dog breeds for your kids which are super-friendly? There are 340+ dog breeds in the world with different specialty and maintenance needs. So, we put an end to your search because in this article, you will find the best 8 fur babies who gel along best with kids. 

Did you know that adopting friendly dog breeds help kids to learn various life skills and upgrade social skills? Dogs teach skills such as responsibility, punctuality, loyalty, friendship, love, kindness, compassion, and respect. Dogs are the most intelligent animals who can understand your emotions and feelings. They can be the best life-long companions your kids can ever have. 

Moreover, dogs and companions are the best combinations that will spill joy, positivity, and a pocket full of laughter all-around your house. The best dog breeds will entertain and protect your kids when you’re not around. So, finding the right and friendly dog breeds can be a stressful task and needs proper research. So, to save your time, we have shortlisted the 8 best dog breeds for you to buy for your kids. 

5 Tips To Keep In Mind To Find The Best Dog Breed 

1) Size Of The Dog Matters

Make sure you are clear about your preferences for the dog’s size. If you have a lot of space, you can adopt large dogs; if not, choose a smaller dog.

2) Temperament Of The Dog

Find which dog breeds are friendly, confident, energetic, or which are the ones more cranky, inactive, or anxious breeds. 

3) Allergies 

The best dog breed dogs for kids who have allergies are those who don’t shed much. Dogs who shed much can alleviate their allergy levels. Go for the hypoallergenic dog breeds for your kids or any family member who’s prone to allergies. 

4) Cost

The more fur or large dog will demand more grooming expenses and food. As a result, you must select the ideal dog based on your budget.

5) Weather Conditions

Some dog breeds seek cool temperatures, while some are happy in the hot temperatures. For example, Huskies are the best breeds for cold weather and not for hot. 

8 Kid-Friendly & Best Dog Breeds In India

1) Labrador

Labrador is one of the best family dog breeds in India and the 1st choice for any family wanting to buy a dog. They are the most intelligent and loyal breeds and are also known as therapy dogs. Labradors are known for their integrity and adaptability. Additionally, they need daily moderate activity and a desire to work for others. They are playful, energetic canines who get along well with children. However, they require a lot of grooming because they shed a lot. But it is one of the best dog breeds which are extroverted, sociable, and playful.

1) Height – 21.5–24.5 inches

2) Life Span – 10–12 years

3) Intelligence – High

4) Grooming – Frequently 

5) Exercise – Moderate

6) Energy Level – Active & Playful 

7) Size – Big

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2)  Golden Retriever

One of the 2nd best friendly dog breeds is Golden Retriever. One of the most well-liked dog breeds in India for children is this furry friend. Because of their warmth, good nature, and gentleness, they are unquestionably among the best dog breeds. Moreover, Golden Retrievers are very gentle and gel along with kids very easily. Additionally, they are happy and extremely obedient dogs. Lastly, the golden retriever requires much care during summers. Make sure to keep them in a cool place and freshwater baths.

1) Height – 21.5-24 inches

2) Life Span – 10–12 years

3) Intelligence – High

4) Grooming – Frequently 

5) Exercise – High

6) Energy Level – Active 

7) Size – Big

3) Beagle 

One of the 3rd best family dog breeds is Beagle. The beagle is one of the best dog breeds in India if you’re looking to purchase a dog that won’t be too big for small apartments or residences. They are size friendly and also don’t require frequent grooming. So, they’re low-maintenance breeds. Moreover, beagles are cheerful dogs but don’t like to be left alone. When left alone, they excessively bark, but otherwise, they are very sociable and active, making them the ideal choice for families with children.

1) Height – 13-15 inches

2) Life Span – 12-15 years

3) Intelligence – High

4) Grooming – Low

5) Exercise – 15-20 minutes a day

6) Energy Level – Average

7) Size – Medium

4) Poodle

One of the 4th best dog breeds is the poodle. They are incredibly intelligent, playful, cordial, and responsive, and they are kid-friendly. Moreover, they don’t need much grooming, they make an excellent family dog and are economical. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic and simple to train. They enjoy playing and exercising with children. They need some time to warm up to strangers because they are a bit shy. When poodles are anxious, alone, or want to play, they bark more. Lastly, it’s a friendly dog breed that is best suited for smaller homes or apartments. 

1) Height – Standard Poodle is 45 – 60 cm

2) Life Span – 12-15 years

3) Intelligence – High Intelligence

4) Grooming – Shed Occasionally But Requires Weekly Brushing

5) Exercise – 1Hr/Per Day

6) Energy Level – Playful & Active

7) Size – Comes In Different Sizes From Small To Medium 

5) Chihuahua

Chihuahua is one of the best toy dog breeds and also the 5th most popular kid-friendly dog breeds. They love to socialize with other dogs. Moreover, they are also said to be the most loyal dog breeds. They are small and shed very rarely. Also, the chihuahua is a perfect dog for small houses. They don’t require much exercise outside because of their small size, they tend to run at home and complete their exercise requirement. 

1) Height – 6-9 inches

2) Life Span – 12-20 years

3) Intelligence – High

4) Grooming – Low

5) Exercise – 20 minutes a day

6) Energy Level – Active & Alert

7) Size – Small

6) Indian Spitz

Indian spitz and Pomeranians are not the same, and they’re both very different in features from each other. So, the Indian spitz comes 6th on the list of the best dog breeds in India for kids. They’re budget-friendly breeds who also shed very less. Indian Spitz is a high-spirited, playful, obedient, loyal, and active dog for kids. They can turn into watchdogs and guard the house if they sense or are suspicious of any danger around them. Lastly, the Indian Spitz is also great for small houses.

1) Height – 10-14 inches

2) Life Span – 10-12 years

3) Intelligence – Quick & Alert

4) Grooming – Average

5) Exercise – 1 Hr walk

6) Energy Level – Boundless Energy

7) Size – Small/Medium

7) Great Dane

Great Dane is famous for its large size and is preferable for big apartments. They are the 5th most popular kid-friendly dog breeds. It is said that the Great Dane loves kids and is playful around them. They are easy to train and one of the loyal and best dog breeds. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly dog. They are average intelligent dogs among other breeds. They are huge, yet very gentle with kids and need constant affection. Lastly, Great Danes are also known to appreciate the hot weather. 

1) Height – 30-34 inches

2) Life Span – 8-10 years

3) Intelligence – Average

4) Grooming – Moderate Shedders

5) Exercise – 2 Hrs/ Day

6) Energy Level – Moderate 

7) Size – Big

8) French Bulldog

The French bulldog is a high-spirited breed that loves kids. With children, they are quite amiable and playful. They are one of the best family dog breeds and are popular in India. Moreover, the French bulldog is also a quick learner and very active. 

1) Height – 12 Inches

2) Life Span – 10-14 Years

3) Intelligence – High

4) Grooming – Don’t Shed Much

5) Exercise – 1 Hr/ Day

6) Energy Level – High

7) Size – small-medium 

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There are all sorts of different kinds of dogs out there, so if you’re looking for the perfect pet for your child, you’ll likely have plenty of options. We have suggested a few suggestions of breeds of dogs that are perfectly friendly dog breeds. Dogs teach children valuable things such as manners, obedience, and how to interact respectfully. Moreover, Dogs also help children develop a sense of responsibility and teach them about loyalty and trust. These are the 8 best dog breeds for families in India. 

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