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5 Unique Ideas To Make The Summer Vacation A Worth Time For Kids

Summers are around the corner and have already knocked on the minds of our little children – They wait for summer vacations all the year because it is only time to say goodbye to early morning alarms, homework, and school uniforms for a little time. Let us take a pledge to make this summer an absolute fun and amazing for our little ones. We can keep them occupied till they gear up back to school again. Be it outdoor activities or short and long trips, be it going to natives or be it visiting friends and extended families -Learning and fun can go hand in hand if planned properly.

We have also some suggestions for places for Bangalore people. Here is a list of ideas which you can plan for your kids and go ahead with

1. Go For Water Activities/Swimming

Summer can’t be fun without water. Yes, I can’t think of summers without water activities (specifically Swimming). Most of the children have immense love for water activities -be it swimming or even having fun in water pools in their lawns. If your kid is not yet trained swimmer, this can be an amazing time to teach them by enrolling them for swimming classes. If you are. You can try with Swimlife Swimming Academy.

Visiting water parks in the city Like Wonderla Bangalore for a day to enjoy water activities and rides will be great fun too.

2. Visit Grandparents/Natives

Most of us, don’t live in our hometowns for work commitments. So, as a result, our children don’t get much time to spend with grandparents. These summers let them visit their native, spending time with grandparents will help them to gel up and form strong bonds of affection. In addition to it, they will get to see more places, learn about their culture and traditions a better way, learn new things and of course, the native language which we often use very less when we move out.

3. Hop For Camping

Camping is another great and unique fun for kids, living in tents for a day or two on the camping site Like Nandi hills, with family is a great experience for children of mostly all age groups. Campfires can add to excitements – Other small activities can be fishing (if a pond nearby) or just collecting Stones, Leaf hunt for scrapbook activities as a part of their collection for memories. Exploring nature brings freshness in soul and mind.

“We can never have enough of nature”

– Henry David Thoreau

4. Visit Some Historical Places

We live in a country, which is abundantly blessed when it comes to Heritage and historical places. Every city has its history, own places which speak volumes of historical moments. So, coming to our Kids, I strongly believe that along with amusement parks and camping fun -a trip to historical places is a boon. It is a great choice for making your kids smarter as it is a part of recreational activities – Moreover, it’s a Learning history with fun!

You can go to a museum Like HAL Aerospace Museum or Government Museum and can see how your children find it if it excites them you can plan bigger and next trips to other cities as well.

5. Enhance Their Hobbies( Drawing/cooking/ Dancing/Sports)

Children love to do what are they interested in more than what we command. So, let them enjoy their own choices. If your child has interested in colours, painting, and drawing – Enrol them for the same. If they dance with their heart, make them join the dance class.
If they have an enthusiasm for a sport, Teach and train them. Help them to recognize their zeal for What makes them cheer. For any of their interests one-stop solution can be KLAY Bangalore. So, let this summer bring joy and delight to our kids. Be safe and have fun!

Important Fact: Some psychologists believe that too much study is detrimental to a child’s mental health and children need time away from the regimentation of school. The summer holiday is not just tradition but is necessary for the mental and physical well-being of the child. So make it worth.

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We try our best to come up with such interesting guides. Do you want us to write about any particular topic? Comment below and let us know.

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