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Hand-lettering is a centuries-old art form, not modern art. However, in recent years, it has evolved. People used brushes to communicate before the invention of pens, but no one recognized them as hand-lettering or calligraphy. Since then, many writing styles have emerged, and people began experimenting with strokes, curves, and jumbled letters to create captivating effects. It has eventually developed into a creative art form in the contemporary world. Hand-lettering is an art form in which you beautify letters with your illustrations. It is not just a regular creative activity; each font, style, and pattern conveys something about a person's inner state. Learning basic Hand-lettering styles, strokes, and illustrations will help kids enhance their hand-eye coordination, focus, and fine motor skills. 

It also changes our brain patterns, affects our thinking, and expands our understanding. The goal of our calligraphic and hand-lettering courses is to provide children with a creative outlet. They are considered to be incredibly calming and rejuvenating.


Benefits of Learning Hand-Lettering For Beginners

1. It's meditative and soothing - We all heard about the mental and physical benefits of meditation. But we can't get our children to sit and meditate for even a minute. These calligraphy courses will serve as a medium for children to meditate. Because when children learn to embellish the letters, they focus just on one stroke at a time; each stroke slows breathing and helps ease the mind. It can also help a child relax; when children learn calligraphy, they improve their attention span and lessen impatience and frustration.

2. It enhances the personality - Learning Hand-Lettering & Calligraphy indeed improves our writing, but it also enhances our personalities. When we modify our handwriting on purpose, we introduce mindsets that can strengthen our relationships, motivate us to strive and take chances, and bring out the best in ourselves. It is because our handwriting symbolizes our thoughts and emotions. We modify the neural pathways in the brain that record our self-image by changing & beautifying our writing habits.

3. It helps to express oneself - Hand-lettering enables kids to escape from mundane tasks while also instilling expressiveness and creativity in them. It's about how kids adorn the letters with expressive designs, and these illustrations are representations of their suppressed emotions and feelings. It enables us to communicate freely and consciously. 

4. Hand-Lettering and Calligraphy have numerous advantages for children. The writing analysts also revealed that our writing doesn't only define us; it works for us. It is a subconscious creative activity that affects the state of your mind as you write. 

Why Should You Book Our Hand-lettering Courses?

Our courses & classes aim to encourage kids to enjoy the artistic design and use of hand and imagination to create letters. The enjoyment of Hand-Lettering does not come from generating a beautiful finished product. It also emerges from conveying moods through the flow, rhythms, and patterns of letter shapes, much like how dancers express themselves on stage. Kids will feel the same delight when they can express themselves through their creations on their files. 

We provide an easy-to-follow guide to the fascinating art of lettering and handwriting. It's time to start designing letters and experimenting with different calligraphy styles. 

Discover your creative potential with the help of world-renowned hand-lettering artists. Check out our courses and sign up right away!